Drone Video

Aerial views really do put you above your competition.

Drone Video

Aerial views really do
put you above your competition.


Reach New Heights

Literally. The demand for drone footage of everything from event crowds to business property has hit an all time high. And we’ve got the right guys for the job.

And with unmatched experience, professionalism and the highest of quality output and production, we can get it done. Having that finishing touch is what will separate your brand and it’s visual content from everyone else.

Perspective is everything

There’s something magnificent about hovering above the land and moving silently along showing viewpoints unreachable to the human eye. Until now of course. Perspectives from high up can showcase the details of large areas with one swoop.

Moving over, under and around obstacles, that at one time took a Hollywood budget, can now happen in hours. And getting that dramatic close up to a distance in smooth transition of a scene gives your video spot a different level of quality.


On the business side

The value of drone footage spreads from Event Marketing to Real Estate Marketing. Want a good stat? MLS Statistics says, “Homes with aerial images sold 68% faster than homes with standard images.”


Hitting the Mark

Giraffix Inc. Design is a team to be reckoned with. Nothing but the highest standards will do when producing content for your website or marketing campaigns.

Our creativity is second to none and our production quality is top-notch due to intelligent equipment upgrades and premium software technologies.

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